I love to talk. And I am sure that the majority of my friends would agree – I can be a Chatty Cathy. I was one of those girls in high school that would stay up all night talking with someone on the phone – my latest crush or a good friend. It always seemed like I had an endless amount topics to discuss. Even now this 40-year-old loves to tell a good story and give advice. I always seem to have something to share at Life Group. I like giving my opinion and never seem to be lacking a thought or an idea! These days I get a thrill out of sharing my testimony with a total stranger. Anytime I can share the tale of my miracle daughter and how God saved me… I am grateful to do so. The opportunity to spread the great news about God lights up my soul.

It is also true that I love to listen. I feel empathy when someone is sharing their emotions. I absorb each word I am being told, and I do my best to understand. I am privileged when someone chooses to confide in me. I do my best to hear everything. I am not one to engage in selective hearing. I want to soak in every word. Every emotion, every laugh, every cry, every sigh – I desire it all. I am an extrovert if you have not figured that out by now!

I have come across many friends who like me enjoy a good chat and are good listeners. But there was someone that was speaking to me for a very long time before I actually heard Him. Sure… I shared my wants and desires with Him… when the need arose… but I never took the time to hear Him. The first time I truly acknowledged His voice… it was the sweetest sound I ever heard. It was a promise… a word that Scott and I would have a natural child. I continued to hear it clearer and over the next several months. He shared that word with me several times and in lots of different ways. And I believed Him. And as my faith in Him grew, I heard Him speak to me more and more. Quiet whispers, a prophetic word from a friend or a complete stranger, the wisdom spoken through a bible verse, a sermon that seemed to be completely directed to me. I was hearing it all.

The Bible tells us that the mighty voice of God is like the sound of harps (Isaiah 30:31-32) and like the sound of trumpets (Hebrews 12:19). And while I have no doubt that His voice is powerful… to me… what I hear is often sweet and quiet. He’s got a way with words and is always eloquent. When He talks… it’s life changing. Always affirming and miraculous. He is never at a loss for words. God speaks in so many ways. He guides me and leads me through a little voice in my head. He’s the voice telling me to stop and rest when I am on the go too much. He’s the comforter expressing his love for me when I am sad. He’s my encourager… cheering me to go on every time I suffer another miscarriage. He’s my protector… steering me away from harm and guiding me to safety. He is also my instructor who teaches me how to be a better person and how to help others.

It is my truth that once I heard Him (and I really heard Him) I was forever changed.  I was filled with joy and hope for the future. I believed in a world that was much larger than myself. And I desired to hear Him more. I found that my focused shifted… and instead of constantly dwelling on my losses and thinking about my desire to have a child… I began to seek a relationship with Him. I talked to Him more and more. And I found myself finding moments where I would be quiet so I could hear Him speak. And to my surprise… I always heard Him. And I learned I was never alone.

The great news is that God is always speaking. He’s talking to you right now! God is hopeful that you are listening and is patient when you are not. He is never quiet and is not someone who will put you on hold. God does not keep office hours… He is available 24/7. He is open for business every day of the week… not just on Sunday. God is never hoarse and always speaks in a language that you will understand.  When he talks to you… it is His desire to have a conversation. He wants to hear from you. He is a great listener and desires to know your deepest thoughts and feelings. He cares about what you care about, and He will always share with you the wisdom that brings you to your highest good! He is always uplifting and affirming. The only request He asks of us is to use discernment and to ignore anything you hear that makes you feel condemnation or shame. Always know that the words He shares with you will always be loving and bring you joy! He has high hopes that you are listening to Him and hanging on every word. Are you hearing Him?