The bible is packed with stories about women who suffered with infertility. One of my favorites is Elizabeth. She was baron for most of her life. She was old and past menopause. More importantly, she after so many years of disappoint and shame, let go of her dreams and desires to have a child. One day an angel arrived and delivered momentous news, proclaiming to her husband Zechariah that she would indeed bear a son. Zechariah, who was well aware of his wife’s physical condition coupled with his earthly age, was shocked and understandably disbelieving at the news. He struggled to blinded accept what Gabriel was speaking over him. He challenged the angel questioning “How can this be? I am an old man, and my wife is well stricken in years.”

When Elizabeth heard the news that a fearful Zechariah expressed skepticism to Gabriel, Elizabeth’s reaction to him was both amazing and inspiring. She couldn’t understand how he could have acted with such disbelief and mistrust. Her faith in God was rock solid, and she felt like he should have been honored that an angel of God appeared and believed every word. She, at her old age and natural circumstances, did indeed become pregnant. And she eventually gave birth to awesome child who grew up to be John the Baptist.

There came a point in Scott and I’s journey to becoming parents that we experienced a similar situation. It after my third loss that I had a pastor (that I had never met) tell me that I was going to have a natural child. It was about seven months later at an encounter service at our church that I am shown a vision of Jesus handing me a newborn. Scott, who also had many wonderful spiritual gift, spend many nights dreaming of us sitting in our backyard with a baby. Both of us, down to our bones and with our whole hearts believed that God was telling us that indeed a child born to Scott and I was not only possible but would be a reality.

During this same time period, we both underwent a series of tests after loosing so many unborn babies. All of Scott’s indicated that he was perfectly fine. And my initial set of tests revealed nothing definitive to show that we would not be capable of a child. So the OB ordered a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). This is an infertility test to determine whether both fallopian tubes are open. I had my test done at Baylor Grapevine, and I remember it did not go well. When the OB’s nurse called… she said the doctor wanted to speak to us in person, and I knew the news must be bad. The day of our appointment we sat there and listened to doctor explain to us that we were basically sterile. He said the report detailed that both my tubes were blocked and according to medical science, I would not be able to have a natural child. I couldn’t believe my ears. I knew God was saying “yes”, so I foolishly thought the doctor had to be wrong!

The weeks following the terrible news, I prayed, and with God I realized that it didn’t matter if the doctor was right or wrong. I wrote in a journal everyday. I called it “setting my intentions” with my Father. I wrote to him about the baby to come. I detailed every step of conception. I wrote about my tubes opening and be healed. I wrote and wrote as if it all ready happened. I meditated on it all… down to the baby’s DNA. And I thanked Him. I did not doubt my vision, and I truly believed in what the Pastor said to me. A natural child was coming. I just didn’t know when.

Amazingly enough… it was only six  weeks later when I saw a bright pink line on an EPT test! I remember calling the doctor’s office and explaining to them that I passed a home pregnancy test. They told me it had to be a mistake! I was insistent that I go in for confirming blood work and an ultrasound. Scott was with me at the appointment when the nurse said there was no way we were pregnant. She swore to us that even if we did manage to conceive… that my tubes were blocked and the baby would have been ectopic (meaning the baby must have planted outside the uterus). The first hurdle was passing the office pregnancy test… which we did. Then it was time for the ultrasound. When my OB walked in, he was unusually quiet, his expression was one of concern, and his face was grim. He turned the monitor away from us certain there would be bad news. Scott and I held hands. I was rejoicing… sending up prayers of thanks. I knew everyone in that room was about to witness a miracle. And we did. The healthy embryo was attached to the wall of the uterus, and I was a little more than five weeks along.

Those of us in that room knew we had witnessed something miraculous. We all began to hug, and we celebrated that moment with a prayer that my husband Scott led us in. All glory to God for He truly healed me and sent us a child… just as He had Elizabeth. And from that day on… that little life growing inside my belly… became known around my OB’s office as the “miracle baby.”

I think it is fitting to end today with a verse… an inspiring passage from Elizabeth’s story… one that I hold dear to this day.  “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  Luke 1:37. I pray that like Elizabeth… you have unwaivering faith in God. And you, no matter what your physical ailments or circumstances appear to be, trust God and believe with all of your heart and soul that with Him… you too can experience  your own miracle.