My life is full of noise. There’s always dogs barking in the background. I am often walking into the house to the sound of our phone ringing. My daughter is often crying or yelling about something. The television is usually on and blaring whatever show Averey is watching on Sprout. In my office, I can hear the gentle hum of the Apple computer. I can always hear kids playing outside, a racing motorcycle speeding down the highway or the loud engine of an airplane taking off at the airport by my house.

There’s also a whole lot of noise that goes on in my head. I am always having a conversation with myself. Thoughts filter in and out of my mind and songs are recalled with perfect pitch and harmony in my head! I can easily find myself in a day dream or thinking about what I need to buy at the store, cook for dinner, or have on my agenda for the next day. I am usually replaying events of the day wondering how I could have done this better or than different.

Ultimately the idea of quiet time sounds great, but in reality it is often quite a struggle for me. It can be something that is particularly hard to prioritize when I’ve all ready got a lot on my plate. But making time to be still, be quiet and listen to God’s awesome whisper is vital to our spiritual development. Jesus knew this as there are many references in the Bible where he sought moments of solace where He could be alone with God. Luke 5:16 tells us that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray.

So the question looming in the air tonight is why should we make time to silence our cell phones, quit the text messaging, turn off the iPod player, shut off the CNN and make the time to be still and quiet?

Being silent allows us to hear the Holy Spirit. This amazing gift of God is that small, loving voice inside you. Fostering a relationship with the Holy Spirit will help you recognize God’s plan and opportunities in your life. He’s always speaking to us. He’s warning us of the pitfalls we have coming our way. He’s cheering with us as we celebrate victories. He’s helping us be the best we can be. And if we fail to exercise regular, committed quiet time with God, we are most likely going to miss hearing His voice.

My husband was famous for setting appointments on his work calendar to meet with God on his lunch hour. But many times the lure of the internet, the drama of a good book or the chance to catch up with a coworker seemed to always take precedence. So one day God spoke to me. He told me that Scott had been making idle appointments, and the day had arrived that they would talk. It happened one Sunday night at a Habitation service. Scott got quiet, and God got direct. It became clear to my husband, as it did me, that God desires to spend quality time with us, and we have made better efforts to keep our appointments with the Lord.

The ultimate value of solitary time with the Lord is that it is good for your soul. We need time alone with God to pray for ourselves and others, to worship Him, to work through our struggles with sin and ask for the spiritual warfare necessary to defeat the enemy. For me… this time usually centers around journaling. I love to write to God about what I am feeling and what my fears and desires are at the moment. It is also a time that I can detail my prayer requests for others. I use my private time to express my love for the Lord and share with Him all that I am grateful for. I talk to Him about my fears of having another miscarriage and my anxieties over not getting pregnant. I cry out to Him all of my daily struggles with jealousy and repent for what I have done wrong.

Silence is golden. It is a rare, precious opportunity everyday to not only hear God, but to also feel Him. He will touch your life in significant ways when you let Him. Make a choice to get silent and make quiet time a priority. He doesn’t care when you do it… morning, noon or night… it’s just important to Him that you do set that date in your calendar and show up! I promise you – it will be the best date you’ve ever had!