I’ve been writing this blog for about a month now. And last night I got my first dose of the enemy’s wickedness. I had posted my blog on a public Facebook group’s page about God, and some man who proclaims to be an Atheist sent me some pretty disgusting messages. When I read the three or four posts which degraded Mary and cursed our God… I started to fill up with anger. But the Lord reminded me of Jesus and how loving He was to his enemies. Jesus was patient and kind to his adversaries. He showed amazing compassion for his accusers even while He was on the cross! I was reminded that we must have the utmost compassion for the lost. Ultimately my heart broke for this man.

With the help of our gracious Father, it occurred to me that this poor fellow was not truly an Atheist at all.  Atheism is, in general terms, the rejection of belief in the existence of God. This guy who had all kinds of Atheist propaganda on his personal page seemed to be angry at God. He wasn’t denying the existence of God. Instead he was yelling at him and calling him names. I began to wonder what happened to this man to cause him to turn his back on God. There was no denial in his statements… he clearly knew there was a God and was clearly angry with his Maker!

I started to wonder about the sins that the enemy had brought into his life and how this man had obviously blamed God for his misfortunes. I started to think about how sad it is that this guy is choosing to harbor such serious resentment for God. I began to feel compassion for this man. So I sent him a response. One of kindness that explained to him that my blog was my attempt to reach out and bring hope to people who want to be parents. I prayed for him that he one day realizes that God only wanted great things for him. I prayed that the man would have a good day.

It is my sincere desire that this man receive Jesus and fully know that God loves him beyond measure. I started to feel the grief God feels every time He encounters His lost sheep. My husband and I decided to pray for this lost soul again tonight. We pray that the enemy will loose his grip on him, and that God will light up his life with truth and love.

The other amazing word God shared with me… was that my blog was helping women. I am extending God’s reach with every article I publish and every word posted on social media sites. The only emotions these negative comments stirred up in me today was a caring concern for a lost soul and sheer joy. See if I wasn’t reaching people… the enemy would not care enough to attack me. So to this man… I say thank you. Thank you for showing me that I am doing effective work for the Lord, for showing me that God is receiving all of the glory through my words, and for giving me the strength and will to continue on my path.

If anyone reads this tonight… I hope that you will stand with me in agreement that this man will come to know the saving grace of the Lord. That He will reconcile and snuff out this man’s misplaced anger with his loving Father. I pray that his family is touched by the joy and the hope only our loving God can provide. I pray that this man comes to know Jesus as savior and friend and chooses to walk the rest of his life filled with the guiding love of the Holy Spirit. Amen.