It’s funny how things work out.  Every step of the way… it has been nothing but an uphill climb to conceive our next child. Every test I take seems to reveal something else that is another bump in the road. Last week I had some blood work done. A call yesterday revealed that I extremely deficient in vitamin D.

My first thought was oh no… my bones might be in trouble! But the doctor’s nurse started discussing that it could be the reason I was not getting pregnant. It was explained to me that this vitamin plays a major role in a woman’s fertility. It affects the ovaries by regulating how estrogen is used to help egg follicles mature and grow. Low vitamin D can lower estrogen levels which negatively affects the development of the uterine lining. In fact there is a link between the deficiency and miscarriage because the uterus may not develop a lining sufficient enough to hold on to an embryo. So it was suggested that I start on a supplement with the hope that it would raise my level to normal.

It wasn’t long after I hung up the phone that I started to freak out. You’re kidding, right? You’re going to pile another way I am infertile on top of all the other issues I’ve got going on? Irregular cycle. Check.
Fail to ovulate every month. Check. High blood pressure. Check. Progesterone issues. Check.
Genetic issues. Check. Blocked tubes. Check. Habitual aborter. Check. Now pile on a vitamin D deficiency, and I am left thinking that my drink is now a lot more than half empty! It’s just about gone.

I miss the days of seeing the world through rose colored glasses. I have often thought that in my case… ignorance would surely be bliss. But then I thought about the power of prayer and I began to be thankful. When I get bad news from my doctor it simply means that I need to lean on God, enter into prayer and ask Him for healing. The Old Testament tell us that God heard the prayers of the Israelites and granted them healing.

So knowledge of what my barriers are to conceiving a child is power! God is shedding light on the enemies attempts to block my dreams of motherhood, and I know the way to stop him in his tracks is to rebuke Him in the name of the Lord. God gives me the authority in His name to declare the enemy be disarmed. See there is no medical problem that can stop the Lord’s plan for us to have children! Once I had complete faith and believed that all things are possible with Christ… I could hear bad news and deal with my medical issues without being shattered. With this power… I am able to stay focused on my future and keep hopeful!

What I have to know in my heart is that just because medical science deems it so… doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Within a month or so after being told my tubes were blocked and I would never have a natural child, we conceived. It was a glorious moment when the doctor saw our future daughter fully implanted in my uterus. We rejoiced right there giving all glory to my Healer! God has delivered a miracle and we were celebrating.

I am always reminded of Proverbs when my natural circumstances don’t line up with my desires. “Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the Lord and depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh, and strength to your bones.” Proverbs 3:7-8

When I receive news from my OB or he counsels us to seek a surrogate or look to adoption, I can smile and simply appreciate that he is only telling me what medical science is saying. I can hear bad news with a sense of peace and a fresh perspective… knowing that God brought me one miracle. I know He will again!

The next time you receive a poor test result or some rather discouraging news… I ask you to pray! And I ask you to remember that knowing all the health obstacles ahead of time insures all the glory will go to God when He blesses you! Understanding all my medical issues gives me the ability to truly know that my children are precious gifts from God. My daughter Averey and our future child are both true miracles. Both of them are and will be amazing testimonies!