So this has been an interesting 10 or so days in the trials of our ongoing fertility saga! Last Monday I had a sonogram which the doctor said looked promising! The plan was for me to return on Wednesday to have another sonogram done to see if I closer to the time I should and would ovulating. The plan was to give me a shot to induce ovulation since the last four months have yielded no babies on 100 mg of Clomid. I returned to the Grapevine office on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and waited for over an hour. Sitting in there all alone I couldn’t help but think about the last time I had been in that same exam room. It was last January when I miscarried. It occurred to me that if I hadn’t lost the baby… we would be giving birth right about now! Thinking about this makes me very sad… but I’ve strayed off my topic.

Anyway… so finally my OB greets me with a kind hello and gets right to it. I must say that sonograms are never that pleasant of an experience as you are laying there exposed on that table. I stare at the monitor, but the images make very little sense to me.  The doctor takes his time conducting my sonogram. He’s taking lots of measurements and printing out lots of images. I’ve got no idea what is going on when he tells me that my uterus looks great. Yippie! I’m joyful! Then he boldly announces to me that I do not need the shot. What on earth does he mean? No shot? That’s why I was there!

It was finally explained my ovaries had overstimulated! Five large cysts on the right and two larger ones on the left. Praise God was my immediate thought! The doctor said that it appeared that for this cycle… it was all systems go, and he sent me home to have lots of fun conceiving that child. Oh and by the way… I was informed that I could possibly conceive twins with so many cysts! My immediate thought was… good heaven! What would we do with twins?

Within days; however, my excitement was snuffed out by extreme pain! My stomach began to really hurt, and I was so bloated I thought my insides were about to burst out of my belly button. Five days of horrible cramps, and a couple times I thought I might need to head straight to the ER. Overstimulation which sounded so sexy and promising on Wednesday was now making my life miserable.

But it my prayer time… I started thanking God! It occurred to me that this month… I actually have a good shot at getting pregnant! It dawned on me that I would and could endure a substantial amount of pain and suffering if it came with a guarantee that I would have a baby growing inside me at the end of it all! With every cramp, pop, ping and pain, all I could think to do was rejoice! Signs of ovulation after months of having nothing! I began to feel to thankful to God for giving this little sign that he is indeed working on answering our prayers!

I feel so hopeful! I am living proof of Psalm 30:2! I have prayed and prayed for this baby to come. I have remained faithful and believed God will bring us another miracle child! And now, for this one month… my cycle finally appears to be working… just as it should.  “O Lord my God, I cried out to You, and You have healed me.” (Psalm 30:2)

God Our Maker… He is truly amazing! I know I couldn’t have kept on trying if it were not for Him giving me the strength. It’s easy to have courage when you lean on the Encourager! Today… we are excited. Scott and I have a couple weeks before we will know if we conceived or not. I trust that God is able, willing and ready to bring on the birth! And to this I say amen!