Today is Mother’s Day. I want to send a shout out to all you who selflessly and lovingly give all you have to your children. Being a mother is a true blessing of God, and I am thankful every day for my beautiful daughter who has been with us now for two and a half years. She is pure joy. I love her beyond all comprehension, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

This day is always a bittersweet day for me. I think of my mom and how wonderful she is. I love that I get to celebrate with her on this special day and tell her what she means to me. I treasure my own daughter and am so delighted to be a mom.

At the same time, I can’t help but think about the lost babies I have in Heaven… how there are so many sons and daughters that I’ve never met. I miss them. I feel cheated that I am not celebrating this day with them because I am forever and always their mom! I choke up thinking about this…

And then I start to feel for all of the women out there who are still trying to have a child. You might be waiting to conceive or maybe you have suffered through a miscarriage, and feel like today is a day that is painful for you. I remember what it was like just a couple years ago. I’d all ready lost five children and nothing to show for me being a mother except some random baby clothes we’d bought and a few stuffed animals. I felt like a mom, and I would spend this day upset and feeling punished. I would do a pretty good job of feeling sorry for myself and convincing myself I must not be worthy of a child.

I had life growing inside my womb many times, yet on this day of all days… I felt alone and sad. I remember thinking maybe I should get a button or t-shirt made that says “I’m a mom too!”

I remember going to our Sunday church service. My parents were with us this Sunday. Our pastor at Gateway Church asked all the moms to stand up. I sat frozen in my chair. The angel on my right shoulder was encouraging me, “Stand up!” The devil on the my left side saying, “Sit still, you are not a mom!” I remember my mom leaning down and pulling me up. She said to me… “You are a mom! Stand proud.” And as I stood up… I sobbed.

For some… this day is glorious and easy as a Sunday morning. For others, Mother’s day is torture. I like to take this time right now to say to all you who are trying to conceive or those who are grieving the loss of your hopes and dreams… that you are a mom! You are a woman of worth. You are a woman of great courage. You are a woman who deserves to be stand up and be honored.

Miracles happen! There have been many women in the Bible and living today who beat all odds, stumped medicine and medical doctors when they became pregnant. I, myself, am here to tell you that with God… all things are possible. After five losses, two blocked tubes, genetic defects and being told I was sterile, God bless us with a baby girl. Faith believes even when all looks impossible. I encourage you to find courage – seek covering in prayer and ask intercessors to stand with you in faith. Where there is hope… there is God.

Dear Lord, I love you so much. And I would like to lift up to you every woman who is trying to conceive a child. Whether it is their first or they are trying for another baby, I ask that you meet them right where they are. Lord I pray you wash away every fear, every tear, every painful memory. Lord… I ask you to show them what is possible in the one who created all!

I pray that our Healer heals each and every one of you. I claim in the name of Jesus that all loss is redeemed and that conceptions happen. I pray covering over each one of you. I declare physical, emotional and spiritual healing right now! I pray that if any one of these women has been told their will never conceive, Lord, that you reach them, that you instill in them the faith of a warrior… that they can trust and know that with you… all is possible.

Lord… I pray you will reach out and touch each woman’s heart today. I ask Jesus to stand beside each one of you today and shower you with His love. I pray each one of you hear the whisper of His voice as He tells you all how special you are to Him. In Jesus’ name, I pray! Amen.

Happy Mother’s Day!