When I was a little girl, I sat riveted watching all the great Superhero shows…Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman and Electro-Woman and Dyna-Girl…just to name a few. Seeing Superman scale a tall building with a single bound was awesome, and with great excitement, I cheered when the Dynamic Duo brought justice to the streets of Gotham City.

As I’ve settled into my 40s, I realize I have always had an incredible superhero in my life… one that makes all the others look like an ordinary Joe. My super superhero is God.

I spent lots of time in the New Testament reading about all the amazing miracles of God. But I’ve learned I do not need to read about a burning bush, a sea being parted or a talking donkey to truly grasp that God has been working miracles in my life since the day I was born.

My first miraculous event took place before I celebrated my first birthday as I nearly died when I swallowed some medicine, and it went down the wrong pipe. I couldn’t breath. My mom recalls that I choked and instantly began to turn blue. Even though she called 911, she knew there would not be enough time for the paramedics to get there. I was in peril, and my life was slipping away before it had barely begun. God intervened when my dad ventured out the front door for help and ran right into a nurse. She rushed into our house, grabbed a turkey baster and, by the grace of God, managed to suck the medicine out of my lungs. My life was saved in the nick of time.

Obviously, I don’t remember this event, but I can picture my parent’s faces when they realized their daughter couldn’t breath. I can feel certain that they were afraid, desperate and scared. I can imagine them on their knees praying to God to somehow save their precious daughter. And I can also hear them rejoicing as this nurse hands them back their little girl… who is waling at the top of her lungs. I imagine the sound of a baby crying would never again sound like nails on a chalkboard. For them, the sound of a baby screaming would symbolize a life saved and would serve as a reminder for them to always thank God for the miracle they experienced.

My life being saved was just the beginning of what has been a life filled with miracles. John 4:48 ESV recounts how Jesus said, “unless you see signs and wonders, you will not believe.” I can only guess that God must have known that this stubborn girl would need to experience a lot of miracles to truly comprehend the depth of His love for me.

From being awarded scholarship money so that I could attend an out-of-state college to avoiding car wrecks by mere inches, God has moved in my life in significant ways. I’ve watched a friend come through a double lung transplant with flying colors. I’ve been on the receiving end of someone handing me a free drink at Starbucks more times than I can count.

I have witnessed God’s amazing ability to heal, to bless, to save, to prevent, and to gift. The biggest miracle I’ve seen to date was the day God blessed us with a beautiful daughter mere months after being told that I was “sterile” and would not be able to have a natural child. I had developed blockages in both of my tubes after suffering a terrible miscarriage. Not only that, but I also had some blood clotting factors and hormone issues that were making it very hard for me to conceive and sustain a pregnancy. But God had other plans for my family.

I am not special. See every one of us can be saved by the greatest superhero there ever was! God shows His power and zeal for us in the form of miraculous blessings to wet our appetite… to develop a passion to see the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

I believe that God’s plan is for all of us to live a “Kingdom lifestyle.” For me… the Red Sea parted the day my little one was born. I will forever be in “awe” of God. I will look back upon her birth as the day I truly died and was born again.

I may not be able see that He is a cape-crusader but He can take out my enemies with a “Bam” and a “Wham.” I will not hear the roar of God speeding by in a super-mobile like Batman’s, but I can read through the Bible like it was a thrilling action-packed comic book… enjoying all of the recounts of His healing the sick, bringing life to a baron woman and raising people from the dead. Best of all, I can be inspired the Bible and wait with anticipation and thankfulness for my next miracle.

I might not know when my next child will arrive. I won’t even venture a guess if it will be a boy or girl. But I can put all of my trust and faith in my superhero…that when the time is right… we will once again be just as blessed as we were with our first born.