I am 45-years-old. I am a wife, mother and friend to many. I am a loving daughter. I am passionate and driven. I am on fire for God and seek to hear His voice everyday. I have learned to cherish my daily bread and to keep my eyes focused on Him and the blessings He has brought into my life. I have lived through an extremely rough season in my life with the loss of many unborn children. I like to say now that Jesus is up in heaven kicking a ball around with my soccer team. And it warms my heart to know that He is up there playing and caring for them. He is preparing them for the day that I will join them. And I have grown to truly love Him for that.

Several years ago… I was told that I would have one amazing testimony.  It was explained to me that someday my story would be used to change the lives of women. It was said I had a great work to do for the Lord’s glory. And I remember thinking back then that what I was being told sounded completely crazy. But here I am three years later… turning passion into action.  I will be sharing with you my testimony though this blog. And I hope that God speaks to you through these words I plan to share. That you are touched  by His love, set free of your secret sins and healed. Through my words… I hope you are able to see your truth as I saw mine.